A modern Digital Firm.

We provide our clientele with modern web applications and api integrations to bring their businesses into the 21st century.


Our Workflow


Collectin' specs! We work with our clients and build out user stories (we are agile) that help us deliver while still being able to change with your business.


Our development team works in tangent with our project lead to build our clients, applications that meet their unique needs.


We deliver our applications to our clients meeting all requirements and have maintance plans that allow you to make updates as your business grows and changes.

PointStart Story

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Developer Collective

PointStart started with Darrell and Zac meeting up to chat about web development and eat pizza, they both freelanced and decided to get together to pool resources. Darrell introduced Zac to Parker and Nick and overtime the group grew.

In their first month they landed a large enought project they decided as a group to form an LLC. In 2013 Zac and Sabo Investments led a seed round and PointStart was born.

PointStart Closes.

In 2014 PointStart was in the process of rebranding as Insourc (pronounced insource) when a major deal fell threw. This put PointStart/Insourc in a bind for the first 2 quarters of 2015 as this deal accounted for over half of their budget. After 4 months of attempting to recover, Zac and the rest of the crew decided it was better to shut PointStart's doors. Part of the crew formed Alphaity.io while Zac & Parker moved to Chicago to help build out Neighborhoods.com as engineer #2 and #3 respectively.

We'd like to thank all of our clients. We grew together over these last two years and you gave us a wonderful experience. You helped us start something that was special to all of us here at PointStart. Thanks for everything and good luck in your future endeavors!
- Zac

People behind the firm

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Zac Rosenbauer

Lead Developer

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Darrell Pappa

Systems Architect

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Seth Rosenbauer

Director of Operations

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Parker Cameron

Lead Backend Developer

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Nick Stalter

Lead Front-End Developer

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Daniel Woodcock

Director of Business Development

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Aaron Birney

Product Marketing Manager

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Daniel Koludrovich

Graphic Designer

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